Joseph DiStefano
(front) 2015, ceramic tile on wood, 37"x24"x8"

Joseph DiStefano
(back) 2015, ceramic tile on wood, 37"x24"x8"

Scott Donahue
2015, steel armature, Forton casting, bobcat teeth,
epoxy clay and paint, 39"x22"x25"

Rae Dunn
2015, stoneware, 17"x9"

Rae Dunn
“Cortona, Italy”
2015, porcelain, 10"x10"

Rae Dunn
“Vallauris, France”
2015, porcelain, 10"x10"

Bassem Elias
Roman period glass, 21kt gold, 16" long
opal, sapphire, aquamarine, 21kt gold, 16" long

Steven Epstein
“North Beach, Pt. Reyes”
2014, photograph, 14"x17"

Steven Epstein
“Orange Grove, Central Valley, CA”
2014, photograph, 14"x17"

Western Editions
Erin Fong & Taylor Reid

“Greetings from California”
2015, letterpress on Crane’s Lettra 220# paper,
nine prints, 19. 75"x15. 75" each

Sherry J. Ezhuthachan
2013, digital photograph, 20"x16"x2"

Leonard Farrell
“Wendung Rilke”
2014, acrylic on canvas, 30"x24"x1. 625"

Jaclyn Feakins
“Chris-Craft Sally”
2014, acrylic on canvas, 60"x48"

Beatrice Finger
“Grape Seller”
1983, oil on canvas, 18"x18"x1"

Mark P. Fisher
“Missa Choix Fannah”
2015, oil on board, styrofaom, papier mache,
acrylic paint sculpture and oil and acrylic on panel,
10"x7"x7" sculpture and 18"x14" panel

Rebecca Fogg
2013, watercolor, 15"x24"

Janey Fritsche
“All In”
2015, oil on canvas, 48"x60"x1. 5"

Mark Galt
“Mechanical Woman Walking #4”
2015, brass, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, 20"x12"x12"

Donna Gamel
“Whisper of Fall”
2015, watercolor, 24"x30"x1"

Joanne Gates
“Crouching Woman”
1980, stone, 6"x8"x4"

Joanne Gates
“Bust of a Woman”
1978, stone, 10"x8"x4"

Laili Gohartaj
“For a Woodthrush”
2012-2015, paper mosaic, mirror, acrylic on plywood, 18"x55. 25"x. 5"

Linda Goodman
2015, oil on canvas, 55"x65"x1. 75"

Melanie Gravois
“La Isla Estrella 1”
2015, oil on canvas, 36"x36"x1. 5"

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